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As a Privacy Engineering Leader, I've spearheaded developing and implementing privacy engineering strategies aligned with legislative mandates and industry best practices to safeguard customer data and enhance trust. I have led privacy impact assessments and threat modeling to integrate data protection into our core offerings, working closely with teams across IoT and payment technologies. I also managed the security controls development, aligning security measures with standards like NIST and ISO to support privileged account management and third-party SaaS engagements. My contributions to governance, risk, and compliance have guided strategic decisions, ensuring organizational resilience and shaping product innovation.

google – Atlanta, GA  | 05/2021 - 04/2024

Senior Privacy & Security Engineer

work history

An accomplished leader in Privacy and Security, proficient in crafting and implementing robust privacy and security programs to meet regulatory requirements and organizational objectives. Demonstrated expertise in spearheading strategic initiatives across diverse industries, driving innovation in data protection and privacy practices.


Lead people and teams                    99%

Policy Implementation                     95%

Privacy by Design                               95%

Security Awareness & Training       75%

Privacy and Security Alignment   100%


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As a team leader, I spearheaded the deployment of ServiceNow and developed a GRC program to conduct security assessments for AWS cloud infrastructure using the NIST Risk Management Framework. I managed comprehensive risk assessments and created robust mitigation strategies to strengthen our defenses against evolving threats. Additionally, I designed and delivered dynamic training programs to instill a culture of compliance and risk intelligence throughout the organization, leveraging effective communication and leadership skills to enhance team efficiency.

Georgia Technology Research Institute, GTRI – Atlanta, GA | 01/2020 - 05/2021

Cybersecurity and Privacy Architect, Sr. Manager

I led cross-functional teams to embed privacy into new technologies, focusing on developing design strategies and implementing privacy-by-default methodologies. I operationalized privacy across the company by integrating technical controls through JIRA, facilitating compliance monitoring and risk management. Additionally, I established a comprehensive privacy program targeting high-risk areas and spearheaded GDPR readiness, ensuring compliance across multiple workstreams.

Nike Inc – Boston, MA | 10/2018 - 01/2020

Converse Global Privacy Sr. Leader

 As a team leader at Deloitte, I spearheaded privacy assessments for taxation-related software, prioritizing high data protection standards. I led the development of Privacy Impact Assessments for both internal and third-party solutions, emphasizing our commitment to data integrity. I managed comprehensive projects, including creating system security frameworks compliant with NIST/ISO standards and implementing rigorous IT processes. My role involved conducting detailed risk assessments, devising strategic countermeasures to enhance cybersecurity, and developing strict policies and educational initiatives to protect intellectual property and personal information. Additionally, I fostered strong partnerships with interdisciplinary teams and CISO clients to integrate security measures effectively and advance strategic organizational objectives. 

Deloitte - Inc – Atlanta, GA | 11/2014 - 10/2018

U.S. Office of Confidentiality & Privacy, Lead 
Cybersecurity Consultant and CISO Lab Manager

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  • Cloud Practitioner - Amazon Web Services (AWS CCP) (NOVEMBER 2020)
  • CertNexus Industry Contributor: CyberSAFE™ (CBS) (MARCH 2022)
  • ServiceNow - Risk & Compliance Implementation (GRC) - (2020)
  • IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) - Expected May 2024


  • Contribution to the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity (2023) via the Office of National Cyber Director Roundtable (2023)
  • Contribution to the Google Cybersecurity Certificate (2023)
  • Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Women Leaders in Cybersecurity Webinar (2020)


  • Master of Science: Cybersecurity - Brown University (10/2017)
  • Master of Arts: International Business - Nova Southeastern University (04/2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Business - Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University (08/2011)


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